sacred feather salon

As I have traveled through many clients lives over the years I have absorbed so many ideas and views, each depositing a cent of wisdom. I have valued every source of input that has blessed my journey, whether it be excitement from a service to timeless friendships. Each experience has now become my steady ground and the smile on my face.

I have created this mellow space that allows me to tap into my designs, minimizing the undesirable salon atmosphere. As a wellness advocate with Doterra oils and now practicing for 15 years in the beauty business it is my job to detect and guide you on ailments that you may not be aware of that may be appearing as a weakness in the hair. It is my pleasure to Fuse your lifestyle, general health and your beauty. I pride myself in my quiet space which allows me to focus on you my guest and to pamper you through all facets of your visit.



As you enter, you feel the space is intimate,  Freeing up normal background everyday noise pollution. Turn off the phone as a courtesy, Allowing the flow for you to relax and begin your transition.

The end result walking out is “I always feel so much better when  I leave” because At The Sacred Feather it is about you harnessing your inner you and allowing me the artist to paint you as the canvas that you see for yourself.

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